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Not yet… I’m not ready!

Change- Transitions

Transitions in life seem to be sometimes unexpected, difficult at worst and unsettling at best. So how do you deal with them? Maybe your young child has moved onto the next phase… maybe your oldest has moved out… maybe it’s a new job or house… a loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s a change in mindset or one of those “aha” moments that forever changes your view on life. So, how do you cope?

Let’s be clear… closing the door, hiding under the bed, or covering your eyes and ears hoping it will all go away are not helpful solutions… even though they may be effective for brief moments! Going fishing, drinking more beer, watching more sports… immersing yourself in whatever hobby or self-medication of choice also doesn’t work and sometimes makes it even worse. So what do you do?

Some things to think about and do when faced with change and transition…

  1. Pray… for guidance, discernment, courage and wisdom… and then listen (that’s a hard one for me)!
  2. Seek God’s wisdom from scripture… marinate in His words, let them seep into you, soften you up, and re-flavor your life
  3. Give yourself grace… transitions are tough, can take the wind out of your sails and take some time to get readjusted. It’s like a mourning process and you can experience all of the emotions… sadness, anger, resistance, denial and on and on… It’s okay to not have all the answers… really… and to feel… yes I used that word!
  4. Ask for help… I know this is a tough one for us guys but it really works. I would suggest asking someone to walk with you who has been through something similar. Experience is an amazing teacher! Someone 10-15 years older with a helping heart is a great place to start. I’ve got a group of guys called my “Personal Board of Directors” who have carried a lot of the load over the last few years! What a blessing they have been!
  5. Persevere… sometimes it takes pure fortitude to make it through. When you’re through it, share it!
  6. Be thankful and celebrate… for the people, for God’s presence, and for the growth experienced

Change is inevitable! What do you have in place to thrive through it? Ask for help now!


February 2016 Newsletter


Today is Ash Wednesday, Welcome to Lent.

Valentine’s Day is a few days away. Have you gotten your sweetheart something yet? There’s still time. While you’re getting her a Valentine’s Day card, get a bunch of other cards for her too. Get some romantic ones, silly “thinking of you” ones, and some blank ones. Then you’ll have cards on hand to give her at random times.


God Loves Odd Couples – Stephen Altrogge

“Perfect marriages exist only in Nicholas Sparks novels. Every marriage has challenges, hurdles, and seeming impasses. But God loves odd couple marriages.”

I don’t know what a Nicholas Sparks novel is, but I get the idea. The fact is, “God is for you, Jesus is in you, and the Holy Spirit is interceding for you. Jesus can give you power to serve and sacrifice. The Holy Spirit can transform your marriage into a piece of divine art. You only need to ask.”

Looking for a way to strengthen your marriage? Take one of these courses.


Some Thoughts For Those Who Are Considering Divorce – Randy Alcorn

“Don’t just trust that God can change someone else’s heart. Trust that He can change and renew your heart.”

A challenging but encouraging article from Randy Alcorn.


Saying These Two Words More Often Will Improve Your Marriage –  David Pescovitz

“We found that feeling appreciated and believing that your spouse values you directly influences how you feel about your marriage, how committed you are to it, and your belief that it will last,”

You know those cards you bought because of my Valentine’s tip above? Use a few to give your spouse some random, but specific, Thank you’s!


Ministry to Men is More Than Pancakes – Kris Dolberry

 “Haven’t we had enough pancakes? Let’s take those two words found in men’s ministry—men and ministry—and meet each other, engage, learn, grow, challenge, inspire, and love one another. Walk out of isolation into interaction.”

Amen. You older men, just don’t fade into retirement. Use those experiences and lessons God gave you in life to mentor younger men. We need it.


The One Ingredient Essential to Biblical Manhood – Thabiti Anyabwile

“As men, we can fight the symptoms of a disquieted inner life—anger, lust, insecurity, anxiety, and the like. Such fights are necessary. Or we can wage war against the bunker out of which these enemies come: lack of self-control.”

Self-control or as I like to call it discipline, is key in living out God’s calling in our life. It’s tough, but thankfully He gives us the power to do so. And the grace when we do not.



Friendship – Tim Keller Podcast

“The book of Proverbs says that you will not be a wise person and you will not lead a wise life unless you are great at choosing, forging, and keeping terrific friendships.”

As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17. That’s verse this newsletter is built on. We need friends and not just “Did you see the game?” friends. We need friends that really know us. A friendship like that is irreplaceable.



Your Guide to the Best Day Ever – Matt Rise

Want to have Your Best Day Ever? Download my free guide to getting the day before the day gets you here.  The guide will help you be intentional about your mornings so that you can do those important things first. 3D Mockup I.jpg

Click here to download it for free.








That’s it for this month’s newsletter.


Stay Sharp,


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