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And, thank you for visiting my website, the home of The Whetstone Newsletter.

Statistics show that the “About Page” is the most viewed page on any website. All the advice is that you need to have it nailed with killer copy, calls to action, and stuff like that. I tried fancy wording, giving myself a cool title like Chief Officer of This or That, and a picture of me doing something crazy cool that gives the appearance that I do crazy cool stuff all the time. But I don’t. I’m a regular guy with regular guy stuff. I work a 9-5, have 2.4 kids, 2 vehicles, a beautiful wife. You get the point. You’re a regular guy with regular guy stuff too. SONY DSCRegular guys don’t need fancy made up titles for themselves or to put up an on-line facade of a great life (what I like to call the “facebook identity”).

So that brings us to what this site and newsletter is all about. All of us know that we have stuff to do; work to be done, kids to parent, wives needing support. But we also know that we need charged up too. We know deep down that a man’s life is more than plowing through the daily checklist. We need to feel that we make a difference, that we have significance, and that our lives have meant something in the end. This website is all about helping guys find their significance in God and then live that out in their lives. The name, The Whetstone Newsletter, was inspired by Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  If you didn’t know a whetstone is used to sharpen knives and other tools.

So together, let’s Put an edge to our lives.  Sign up for the newsletter in the form at the bottom of this page.






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