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My Story

As mentioned in a recent post (Word Cloud), I’m taking a course on personal branding. For the next assignment I am to post a video of “My Story” that answers four questions about me: What experiences in life have you had that are Unique to you. (This can be ANYTHING) Who are you? (Tell me […]

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Word Cloud

I recently completed an assignment for a personal branding course. The assignment was to poll 5 or more people who know me well on 4 questions: What 3 words best describe me? Where do you see me come alive? What gifts do you see in me? What conversations have we had that you see glory/excitement […]

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It’s In Your Nature

Cabela’s has started a new campaign, It’s In Your Nature. They have some fantastic videos. Here’s the main one:   They had a few wallpapers for download too. I made some quick Windows Themes with their wallpapers.  The wallpapers are 1920×1080 in size. Cabela’s didn’t have much in the selection of sizes so your view […]

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Evernote and Fly Fishing an Introduction

I love fly fishing, fly tying, and pretty much anything related. I also love (almost to an OCD level) collecting information related to fly fishing. I have multiple magazine subscriptions, books, website bookmarks, and notes from fly fishing shows. If information is power, having the right information at the right time is absolute power. The […]

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Big Thompson River Timelapse

My church had a men’s retreat last Friday and Saturday in Estes Park, CO.  Which also happens to be the home of the only open water in about 100 miles during the winter. The Big Thompson River is a tailwater river below the Olympus dam in Estes. Although the water is extremely skinny and clear in the winter.  And […]

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Western Nebraska Pheasant Hunting Trip

Two weeks ago several good friends and I met up in Western Nebraska for some pheasant hunting. It has been a rough year due to the drought for pheasants. I heard multiple reports of terrible hunting from South Dakota to Nebraska and South through Kansas. When pheasant hunting is rough in South Dakota, you know […]

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